HDHomeRun Support?

I just bought Infuse Pro and was hoping to use it w/ my HDHomeRun PRIME. It correctly shows up w/ UPnP/DLNA protocol, but then says “An error occurred. Sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect.” Bummer. If I use VLC, I can see video, but can’t hear audio, since VLC doesn’t support AC3. I bought Infuse Pro because it supports AC3, but it doesn’t seem to support streaming from SiliconDust hardware. Is there any workaround for this issue? Having AC3 support, it seems like you’re 99% of the way towards supporting streaming from HDHomeRun, which would be amazing.

+1… I have the same issue. I wish Infuse would support the HDHomerun. :frowning:

+1. The format for vlc to access the hdhomerun is under the network streaming settings: Other programs support Please update infuse to support some way to access hdhomerun.