HDD / USB Success?? Looking for recommendations & lessons learned

Hey all -  I'm new to the forum but didn't see any posts around recommendations and any lessons learned. It seems as if the majority of posts are around problems with USB / HDD drives, etc.

What I'm wondering is if anyone has had some success.

  • Does anyone have a recommended hard drive?  Recommended brand / type?


  • It seems like more people use the hard drive as primary storage.  Have people found this works better than secondary storage and speeds the ATV up if there is less stored on the ATV?  Or is it out of necessity given the low capacity of the ATV?


  • Do people see a speed difference / less video choppiness when connecting a faster spinning hard drive (e.g., 7200 rpm vs. 5400)?

Any other positive tips or tricks to making this work?!

FWIW I've been using the drive listed in my sig as secondary storage, neither it nor the atv are anywhere near capacity, and so far it's working flawlesly.

I can't find out if it's 5400 or 7200 for some strange reason:

"We can only guarantee drive capacity. We cannot guarantee a particular internal hard drive model, data interface, rotational speed, or cache size in the external hard drive enclosure."