HDCP interrupting the playback of HD content !

Unfortunately the watching of HD content from the itunes store is interrupted by short sequences which say that my tv is not able to show HDCP content (which is not the case because I can play itbut it’s always interrupted by this message).

Could anybody please hekp me to solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

The only way I know of to stop HDCP errors (I had a Cable box do this) is to power everything off, turn on the TV first and then the AppleTV. If you have a HDMI switch, be sure that is on and switched to the correct port before powering on the TV and AppleTV. BTW, I had a HDMI switch that would not let my HD-DVD player sync with the TV and thus no video, but when I bought a new switch, the HD-DVD player works like a charm.

Unfortunately this it not working but I just found something in the internet. Maybe you guys could tell me if this there mighty occur any problems using these codes combined with atv flash.