HD playback question.

Is it possible to load a .mkv file onto the appleTV that is a 1080p rip, but have the appleTV downscale it to 720p? I’m on the fence about doing the Broadcom install*, and I don’t really want to convert my entire collection of 1080p .mkv’s down to the appleTV approved resolution.

(*Unless someone has figured out a way to have a USB wireless adapter or split the connection wires when doing the Broadcom install to allow both the CrystalHD card and the wifi card to run at the same time…)

I think I might already know the answer to my question, but I really would like the opinions of the community.

It is not an opinion, it is a fact. The AppleTV is not powerful enough to decode 1080p, no matter what resolution it is shown in.

Even if you do add the Crystal HD card, and it will indeed then be able to decode 1080p using that card, it will still only be 720p, since apps are limited to that resolution.