HD Not Indicated on ATV4K When Swiping Down

I’m trying the week trial of Infuse Pro and have noticed a few things:

When creating the .mkv files, the program seems to be making two copies of each episode or rather the BD contains two copies of each episode, why could this be?

When watching the episodes, all of them are starting with subtitles On.

When going through the episode list on Infuse Pro it shows 1080p as shown on first image but when watching the actual episode and then swiping down, it doesn’t indicate HD as shown on 2nd image, why is this?

As to your first question about two copies I don’t understand what you’re asking. Infuse doesn’t create MKV files, only plays them.

For the second question, you can go to settings and under the “Playback” section there is an option labeled “Show Subtitles” with the options of “Off” and “On”.

The third question is that the info is not normally displayed when in the video with the swipe down screen. It’s only available on the other screen you provided.

I believe Infuse uses it’s own playback engine (not the built-in one that comes with tvOS that most other apps use).This allows Infuse to support additional audio and video formats. As a result, the Infuse dropdown video info is a custom interface and they haven’t added video resolution info there. But the video should definitely be playing in HD.

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