HD files are not fluid : dropped frames, stuttering problems

Hello everyone,

(First, sorry if my english is not perfect, I’m french)

I have some problems with HD files (720p) : with MKV (2 to 5 Go) files, videos are very jerky with Saphhire and Nito TV, and just a bit better with XBMC and Boxee.

On my MacBook, these MKV videos works perfectly and I have no problems when I run them.

I read on a forum that 720p MKV files were easy to read and that 720p HD videos were smooth on previous ATV firmware versions (with ATVflash), but no longer since 3.0…

Thus i tried to convert MKV files into AVI and MP4 format with VisualHub V.1.3.4, but there are still stuttering that can be observed as a jerkiness when the camera pans in the movie (and even on my MacBook this time once converted in AVI ou MPG).

If it’s no more possible to read properly MKV directly (it’s a pity), I would appreciate to successfully convert MKV into an HD file in 1280x720 that works correctly on Apple TV.

Any idea ?

Nota : I use an Apple TV 160GO, bought 2 weeks ago, with 3.0.1 firmware, and I use aTV Flash Version 4.0.3 Released.
ATV is connected with YUV Monster cable on a Sony Plasma TV KE-P42XS1. I selected the screen resolution : 1080i HD

Unfortunately the AppleTV hardware does not do very well with MKV files above 480p resolution. If you’ve converted the file to something else, you may try toggling the ‘Apple H.264’ option in Maintenance > Settings.

Thank you for your advice guardianmax,

I find a way to watch MKV 720p HD files without these problems : I convert them into M4V with Quicktime Pro.

I select : Export > Video for Apple TV. And once converted, I start the video and iTunes upload it to the Apple TV. The result is as fluid as the original MKV watched on my computer.

The only thing is that the conversion takes at least 12 hours (and even more) for a 90 minutes movie with a MacBook Pro !

I have read somewhere in a forum that the Apple TV + ATV Flash used to play 720p MKV without any problem with a previous firmware, is that true ?

Unfortunately no. The codecs for MKV files (SD & HD) are in place, however the AppleTV hardware has always struggled to play HD MKVs.


You can use use Handbrake for the same thing instead of using Quicktime Pro. It should do the same thing but the few times I have converted HD MKV’s it has only taken approx. 2 hours for a normal movie length on a year old Macbook Pro.