HD and 3D indicators

Hi everybody,

I just reinstalled (flashed latest compatible firmware & jailbroken & installed ATV Flash) the AppleTV2 for my mum and noticed a problem. Since the last installation I now got plenty of 3D movies which are also stored on the share but she doesn’t have a 3D capable TV and I know I’ll get some questions in the future like “something is broken, I see the movie twice”.

While I could make some good jokes such as “stop drinking” it would be awesome if we could have nice 3D indicators next to each movie / episode and (since we are talking about the topic) HD indicators as well.
Detecting HD is kind of simple: if (width>=1920 > FullHD) \ elseif (width>=1280 > HD) \ else (SD).

Using width instead of height is preferred since height is not necessarily 720px or 1080px (cropped letterbox! ;).

I’m thinking of a simple “HD” logo and while the both letters are white for FullHD content it could be gray for HD content so anyone who cares can clearly see if it’s just HD or FullHD and anybody who doesn’t care does not see a huge difference.

Detecting 3D is AFAIK not that easy so maybe updating the naming structures would be necessary.

Show: Show.Name.S##E##.3D..extension
Movie: Name.3D.extension

In case detecting HD is not as easy as I thought maybe a combinied tag for HD, FullHD and 3D could be implemented.

SD Sample: “North by Northwest.mkv”
HD Sample: “North by Northwest.HD.mkv”
HD 3D Sample: “North by Northwest.H3D.mkv”
FullHD Sample: “North by Northwest.FHD.mkv”
FullHD 3D Sample: “North by Northwest.FH3D.mkv”

And maybe adding support for HD / 3D into the Metadata xml file?

Thank you very much for your previous work and your time reading my suggestion!