Will there be support for HBO NOW?

Seems like the old trick with the Info.plist file works ok for HBO NOW (or for me at least).

You need to edit the Info.plist file under /private/var/stash/Applications/

Modify the 2 keys (see below) from what ever value they currently are to 6.2.1, as I have done.Use a plist editing program to mod the files.

I haven’t tested every other app to make sure it still works, so this might not be a great solution (netflix works), but HBO NOW appears on restart and works fine.


it shows, but not working :frowning:

I haven’t had problems with HBO NOW using this hack, but I found the apple videos app to be broken. Not a great solution, I guess we have to wait for a firmware update.

HBO started working for me when i changed version to 7.1.2

It works but for certain movies, the centre select button results and a loading screen. The movie will not stream unless you use the PLAY button. Other movies or shows, the select button will bring up the episode list.

The Netflix app stops working also. Previously played shows refuse to load the episode list when selected using the SELECT button. Again, if you use the PLAY button, it will play the first episode of the series but you cannot select any other episodes.

Rolliing back the version to 5.3 allows Netflix to work as normal but you lose HBO Now.

Any ideas?

Can we expect a Maintenance update from Firecore to include HBO NOW?

If not can you point me to a simple tutorial on how to edit the Info.plist file? I have never done that myself.

I’ve changed the version to 6.2.1, I can load the app but while trying to subscribe when it gets to the step saying something about verifying payment details it gets an error saying it can’t connect to the iTunes store. I’m logged in with a US iTunes account and the region is set to the US, everything else, like Netflix, is working fine.

Any ideas?

So is there anything being done about this? It’s kind of disappointing that there seems to be no good update to fix this problem and with the other new apps that are out now.

I didn’t manage to get it to register via ATV, but I got it working by installing the app on my iPad, registering from there, then just logging in on the ATV. I get terrible buffering though, sometimes just trying to look at the episodes in a season will just sit with a spinner forever. iPad works fine, so it’s not my network.