HBO Go not showing up

I installed the latest version of FireCore which is said to support HBO Go. When I got to Maintenance -> about it says I’m running ATV Flash (black) 2.3. Why won’t HBO Go show up on the front screen?

What version of the Apple firmware is installed?   You need the 5.3 version for this feature.  Note, however, that the jailbreak for 5.3 is a tethered jailbreak.

Are there instructions posted as to how to update the Apple Firmware for this jailbreak anywhere on the Firecore site?

Andrew, you update the Apple TV via iTunes to the latest firmware, then jailbreak, then install flash black again. There are tons of how to videos on YouTube if you need help. The firmware update is not directly related to firecore, so they do not provide the information. Be aware that the 5.3 firmware is not an untethered jailbreak and will require it to be connected to a computer to boot up anytime it loses power. Many folks are staying on the 5.2 untethered jailbreak and forgoing the new features until a new untethered jailbreak is figured out. It is always a cat and mouse game since Apple does not support jailbreaking their products and closes the holes found with each new release.

Thanks Nefarious. I will give it a try. Do either of you have the 5.3 with aTV Flash Black working well? 

I’m actually having trouble finding a good video as to how to update the AppleTV using iTunes. Do you have any links handy?