HBO GO airplay error

I’m having issues with HBO go and airplay. It’s loading the intro screen with the movie’s rating and then gives me an error message “an error occurred loading this content”

Using an iPad 3 and just updated atv flash software. Running 5.2 atv2

Everything is up to date. I’m able to airplay YouTube iTunes etc. I get the same message in mirror mode as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I need to get my game of thrones fix…finally made it to season 3!

i am also having this issue.  i am running ATV software 5.0.2 with ATV flash (black) 2.3

i am able to airplay other files from my ipad and iphone with no issues but when trying to airplay HBO Go I get that “an error occured loading this content”


any advice?  thanks!

apparently hbo requires 5.1.1 or newer. it will not work on 5.0.2