Hawaii Five-0 2010

There’s a “free” version that offers a limited exposure to the features but since you’ve got a library already established that may not be the best choice.

Infuse is offered in two versions, the stand alone V6 Pro that is a one time purchase and covers all future updates made to V6 but when V7 rolls out that would be a new purchase.

The other option is to go the subscription route. Then as long as you have a current subscription you will get all updates at no charge including major versions like V7, V8, etc.

There is a post that goes over these options and I believe also details some of the specials for trial offers if I remember correctly

It’s actually an issue with infuse 5 …

Just tried the free version of 6 (without any playback, just to see the shows, movies etc.) and it instantly fixed the “-” problem (9-1-1, _Hawaii Five-0) and brings back correct season artworks …

Thanks for the time @NC_Bullseye :slight_smile:

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I thought that may be the case but I don’t have v5 loaded anymore.

The sources for both TV shows and Movies have both gone through some major changes lately both in APIs and database structures and have required many changes.

Like I said above, I went with the lifetime just so I’d not have to worry about renewals and the new features made it well worth it to me.

Good luck!

I picked the 1 year first, as it comes with 1 year free at the moment. 2 years for 10 is great and it made it quite risk free to check, if it solved the issues. :blush:

Have a nice weekend.

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