Having trouble syncing content from iphone to ipad

I have some files in my iphone and when i open ipad it doesn’t show please advise

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Were these synced through iTunes? If so, can you try enabling the ‘Show iTunes Videos’ option in Settings > General to see if they appear?

Hey there no it was through FTP and I deleted the files on the server but I thought if I downloaded a file to one of the devices it would sync to all devices like Apple TV and iPad but it’s only showing on my phone where it was downloaded

Ah, got it.

iCloud sync is used to sync details about your library (shares, watched status, metadata, etc…) but unfortunately it can’t be used to sync actual video files between devices. A bit more info on what is currently synced via iCloud can be found here.

If you want to recover the files from your device so you can transfer them to other devices, you can use the Wi-Fi transfer option, and click the orange link below a file to download it back to a Mac/PC. Note: Local file storage is not available on the Apple TV.

Ohh ok thanks for the info

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