Having Trouble Mounting to Macintosh HD

Hi. I’m having trouble mounting to my MacBook Pro Hard Drive. Here’s my set up:

-Apple TV with version 2.3 software (but shipped originally with 1.0)
-ATV Flash 3.4.2
-nitoTV version 0.6.2 (take two)

I followed the instructions on the following website for setting up nitoTV: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?titl … _Installer
I have my MacBook Pro configured to share using AFP. I also created the Recovery file on my ATV as instructed on the forum.

I can see my computer in the Network page of NitoTV. It has an “afpovertcp” next to it. However, when I try and mount with a guest login, I get the following error message: “error - 1069 = No servers at that address.”

I can also see my external hard drive on the Network page of NitoTV, but once again, when I try and mount, I get the same “error - 1069 = No servers at that address” message.

When I go to the “Files” page in nitoTV, I can also see the Macintosh HD and another folder on my Mac that I configured to share. However, when I click on either one of these, it doesn’t show any of my files.

Any help on how I can get around this error - 1069 issue?

Thank you

I really hope you find out how to get this working - you are not the first!!!

same here with a mac.

But also with a NAS! i put everything needed (ip, share places …) and nothing works.

Works well in xbmc (and boxee) but Nito is picky. Any idea (I havea dlink dns 321, witha simple username/password and fixed IP)


Having the exact same problem… Really hope someone can figure this out!

You should install the latest 3.4.3 version, as it has an improved version of nitoTV which is required for streaming.

Regarding the 1069 error, this indicates a network setup issue, the Apple TV is not able to locate the server by your specifications. The setup guide was recently updated to more clearly indicate how the manual share point is to be setup.

Take a look at: