Having Problems sharing from windows

So I bought my parents apple TV for Christmas but I am having trouble sharing from their windows PC.

The path of the folder in question is called:


In windows I right clicked the folder as per the instructions, created a share and and accessible by everyone. Nothing else. Is there anything else I was supposed to do here?

In infuse on the apple TV the share appears, but it just says “sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect”.

Why is this?

At the moment the PC is plugged into the router via ethernet, whereas the apple TV is connected via wifi. Could that be a problem? I can’t see why it would be otherwise the share wouldn’t show up?

Firewall is also off.

On apple TV the share is shown as:

Name: hilrog
protocol: SMB
Address: hilrog

Is the address right? I can’t even amend it anyway.

I am not using username or password because the share is everyone?

What is going on? Its incredibly frustrating.


Is this the correct place to ask for help?

Yup, it’s the right place, just on a holiday weekend there’s a lot less traffic on the forum and what traffic there is the last few days has been primarily focused on the brand new Mac OS version of Infuse.

I’m not a windows person but there is a users guide that has some specific tips for windows that may help here

You may want to specify a bit more info as to what version of windows they’re running.

Hope this gets you in the right direction and happy holidays!

Thanks NC. That is the page I followed when I created the share, but it doesn’t help troubleshoot or explain what my problem is now.

I am using windows 8.

A shot in the dark but if you’re not putting in a user and password that may be the problem.

I know in the Mac world even when shared with “everyone” you still need a user and pass to access the share so the computer knows that the user is part of the known users to that server.

I’d say create a user and pass for Infuse on the win server and enter that in the share info in Infuse.

Just a guess.