Having playback problems on AppleTV

I have a Synology DS220j using Infuse in my 2022 Apple TV, NAS is wired and Apple TV is wifi as it doesn’t have a Ethernet port. Every movie or show I watch on Infuse glitches, skips, and the visuals go white then back to normal. I would upload a video of it happening but I can’t upload as a new user.

Could you run a speed test in Infuse and post the speeds? Also a pic of the graph if possible.

I’m getting an average of 60.56Mbps, and minimum of 35.65Mbps, and my current speed was 63.96.

Can you try a different hdmi cable?

I got abit ahead of myself in my previous comment. I’m still getting problems with the video, but it isn’t as bad, but still very frequent

Are these HDR files?

If you are seeing an improvement (or difference) when changing the HDMI cable, then that may indicate something in the pipeline is amiss.

One thing you may try is to set the Apple TV into SDR mode, and then disable the dynamic range matching option. These options can be found in Apple TV > Settings > Video and Audio.

Doing this, would force the Apple TV to send SDR video (instead of HDR or Dolby Vision) which will be more forgiving when it comes to HDMI related things like cables and port settings.

If this works, then investigating the HDMI cable or HDMI port on the device you are connected to may resolve issues with HDR playback.