Having Difficulty Here with ATV2

Running the latest ATV2 version (5.2)

Latest Seas0nPass

Successfully create IPSW

When prompted, ATV2 goes into DFU mode (rapid flashing)

iTunes opens up and asks to Verify with Server (red flag?) Once verified, ATV2 mounts on the sidebar

Seas0nPass says ‘Restoring in iTunes’ but nothing happens. No activity in iTunes, no restore.

(Note: When manually trying to restore newly-created IPSW via iTunes, I get an error message as well (incompatible)


Any ideas?? 

Should be easier than this, what’s the problem here?


(MBAir, OS 10.8.2, iTunes 11)

Are you sure you have an Apple TV 2? You only get an incompatible error message when you are trying to flash an Apple TV 2 IPSW to an Apple TV 3.