Have two parts of a movie (CD01 and CD02) appear as one?

This should have been asked before, but I can’t seem to find an answer to this. Is it possible to have two files appear as one merged movie?

Let’s say I have movie.name.CD01.avi and movie.name.CD02.avi and I want that to be treated like there only was one merged file, and data will be fetched from IMDb for the title “movie name”.

Is this possible?

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Not possible yet, but it’s something we’re working to add.

It may make an appearance in 4.2. :wink:

Nice! :slight_smile: Not a deal breaker, but it would save a lot of time. I discovered Avidemux that merges the files into one, but added work is always added work and quickly adds up to hours.

Good to know, james! You guys made a wonderful job so far!

Is this supported in infuse 5?

Planned for a v5 update in 2017. :wink:

Cool, waiting

Waiting for that !! :smiley:


I recently bought Infuse Pro, which I find amazing, but I am seeing some of the promised features looks like are never arriving. In this particular case, I would like to know if Infuse 5 is able to deal with movies splitted in several files like it was announced to be supported during 2017, in such a case which is the right naming?

Thanks in advance.

Same question here!

Same question

earth to support!!!

I’m also wondering about this.

hi~ any plan about this function? maybe 5.8?

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I think this is a dying issue. The movies that are split between disks have just about disappeared due to the higher capacity disks. Even in the time of early DVDs and VCDs most have been remastered onto new media in a single piece of media.

The few that I’ve had I’ve managed to join them into one file and all is good.

Obviously this is not a practice nowadays, but unfortunately a lot of people (and some of them have shown this concern in this thread) keep a lot of movies split in two files which does not have remastered versions… Could I join the files? probably, but I don’t have the time to expend looking for tools, dealing with audio/video sync, or any other possible issues, and I also keep subtitle files… so when I buy a SW which was expected to handle it (as stated in the thread)… I would appreciate, at least, an answer from product manager in terms if the feature remains in the roadmap and if it is in there, a tentative date/version.

whilst there may be fewer and fewer movies split over discs, this issue still exists when DVDs have a 2nd disc full of extras. It’s really annoying to the main movie recognized but the extras languish in the 'OTHER" folder. So a way of combining or recognizing “extra features” is needed now more than ever.

The “Extras” is a different problem. That’s something that has been suggested also but with a different implementation.

hey NC,

Could you elaborate? I have a few of these split movies as well and like to concatenate them. I would have no idea how to do that

Hi Frankje

Here is is a link to a nice little tool I used years ago back when I was on windows to either join, split the movies. it worked really well for me and is available on both windows and Mac platforms!