Have TV Shows use current season poster instead of series poster


Tried to find some info on this but can’t seem to find the answers i’m looking for…

  1. If u have an TV Show with multiple seasons, say 3 in this case.

  2. Would it be possible somehow to have Infuse show the poster for the TV Show in the main screen taken from the latest season (3, in this case) of that show, instead of always using the first season poster? and NOT changing and/or fetching the poster.png manually.

  3. Thus having this as an feature for TV Shows instead to ‘Show series poster from latest season’… something like that… personally it feels abit boring to have the same poster art the whole time, would be nice to have it alter auto according to (latest) season instead :smiley:

This has maybe already been discussed before, but couldn’t really find any info on this…

I understand what you’re asking but first thing, Infuse doesn’t use the first season poster, it uses the series poster, and then each season can have a poster. If your’re seeing the same poster for both then it may be duplicated in TMDB for both but they usually are different.

I believe that Infuse will use the main series poster for the season if no one has uploaded a season poster though.

For what you’re asking though I’d think it’d be even better to show the season you currently watching and not the latest. That way if you are behind a season (or more) it would only show the one you’re currently watching. Just my two cents. :wink:

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ah, yes… i understand what u mean… TMDB has different posters for the seasons (Your Honor US, as a test), and they do show up correctly when browsing seasons and so on :blush:

I was just wondering if the poster for the latest season in a series could be used in the main screen instead of the ‘default’ series poster… tired of seeing the same poster all the time, would be nice to get them updated/refresh from time to time :wink:

*i’m pretty sure u understand what option i’m looking for here, imo it would be pretty neat :upside_down_face:

Changed the title a bit and moved this to the suggestions forum. :wink:

Superb, thx :+1:t3: :upside_down_face:

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Would it be possible to have Infuse behave(show) the same as it does on the ATV main screen when viewing newly added series? There the posters are shown for the current season the episode is from …

(hope u understand what i mean… :grin: )