Have TV Series follow Infuse "Sort Order" Setting

Currently, when the Infuse setting “Sort Order” is set to “Release Date” it only affects movies by displaying them from most recent release date to the oldest.

Infuse should also sort TV series by their series premier dates when this option is selected.

Currently with the Infuse setting “Sort Order” set to “Release Date” TV series are still listed in alphabetical order not chronological order. The only difference that it places the newest season of a selected series first and newest episode of a selected season first.

Please make Infuse sort TV series the same way as movies based on the “Sort Order” setting by arranging the the list of TV series in chronological order instead of always alphabetically when "Sort Order is set to “Release Date”.


Seems a pretty logical behaviour feature suggestion :slight_smile:

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So, any progress on This?

Having options for both movies and series sort order would please everyone.

Its a Nice feature and would increase customization.

I just have 3 things which would be great to improve infuse, and This 1 o f them.

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So… No love from the devs on This One…

Should this topic be marked as solved now?

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