have to send tv back for Warranty, do I just factory restor

I have to send my tv back for Warranty, do I just factory restore and then all is ok? I have flickering display on my Apple TV even with ATV Flash not installed, also have freezing/restarting issues so decided to call to get another one.

I am worried though that if Apple find out that ATV Flash or it is anything but stock tv then they will question/not give me warranty (it was only bought at Xmas). Is a factory restore the final method then just leave alone?

Also as my tv is half working, what happens if you have ATV flash on, and say the graphics card goes so you cant see anything, and so cant do a restore, how can you remove ATV flash then? so you can send to Apple for warranty?


You can perform a Factory Restore through the Settings > General > Reset Settings menu to remove all traces of aTV Flash.