Have to hit mark as watched twice

If I watch part of a TV show and then click “mark as watched”, the episode is marked as watched but quickly reverts back to “resume”. I have to hit mark as watched again to actually mark the episode as watched. Also, this marks the episode as watched twice on Trakt.

I’m using the latest version of Infuse on an Apple TV running tvOS 15 with a Plex server. This has been an issue for a few months now. Not sure if it started with the upgrade to tvOS 15 beta or not. Thanks for any help you can provide. Would love to get this sorted out.

Just to verify since releases come pretty often, what version of Infuse? Also, what happens if you click just once and then go to a different screen and come back? Just in case it’s trying to sync when you click as watched and trying to correct it to what it was prior to you watching.

I’ll check the version when I’m home. It’s the non-beta version of the latest release. Also, haven’t tried backing out to see if it sticks and will give that a shot as well.

Pretty sure it doesn’t have to do with sync since there are a couple shows I only watch part of everyday and then mark as watched. Also, edited my original post to include that I’m using Infuse with Plex.

One other question , I’m not sure if it really matters but on what screen are you marking as watched? On the pre-playback screen with the marked as watched button or by long pressing and selecting marke as watched on the poster in the screen before the pre-playback screen?

I’m marking as watched from the pre-playback screen. Also, should have mentioned, this only happens with partially watched tv shows. Marking an unwatched episode as watched works as expected.

I’m running Infuse 7.1.3 (3830) along with Plex on tvOS 15.0 (19J346).

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