Have Infuse sync ALL settings in iCloud

Currently, Infuse does not sync some of its settings to iCloud like “Subtitles”, “Up Next List”, “Collections”, and “Continuous Playback”.

It would be very beneficial to have ALL settings synced so when you do have to resort to a total reinstall from scratch at least you’re back to square one and not having to figure out the random un-synced settings.

There may be others that I didn’t notice that don’t sync since I may be using the default settings on some.

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Sync of general settings was actually left out intentionally, as there are some cases where you might want to have different settings on different Apple TVs.

For example, maybe you want parental controls enabled on the Family Room Apple TV, but not in the Master Bedroom.

Isn’t there a certain amount of data we can store locally that doesn’t get wiped out when Apple TV decides to delete everything? I think that would solve the problem. Otherwise you could save settings per device in iCloud, not for syncing, just restoring

Yes, general settings have been saved to persistent (safe) storage since 5.7.5.

The only case where these would be lost is if you remove Infuse or reset the Apple TV.

Then possibly have the one’s I listed above have a different default? For example, Subtitles instead of defaulting to On maybe have Forced or Off? Continuous Playback should be Off instead of ON since Infuse is so smooth and swift on the transitions from one episode to another you don’t realize your seeing the sun come up instead of it being time for the late news. :wink: Also Collections seem to be one that you’d want Off as a default and if you wanted to not see all of your movies individually then you could turn it on?