Have Apple TV Back button (<) take you back to first item of Watching/Recently Added list


As the title says, this suggestion would mean that as you’re browsing the front page of Infuse if you press the back (<) button on the Apple TV remote you would be taken to the top left selection of the page. For me that would mean the first item of the Watching section. (I understand people move these sections about, so it would need to be made to take this into account)

At the moment if you press the back button on the infuse front page it takes you straight out of the app to the app selection page of Apple TV. This seems to go against the action of the back button used in every other streaming/video app, amazon prime takes you to the top of the page, and then the home link in the main menu before taking you out of the app. The Apple Computers app takes you back to the top menu. Plex takes you to the menu item while resetting the page. You tube takes you back to the left hand menu.

I have about 10 sections on my Infuse front page. If I’ve scrolled down and perhaps along a section I would want the back button to take me to the top of the page and not out of the app. I hope others feel the same way.

Thanks for reading! Remember to vote/love this post if you like this idea!! :slight_smile:


Of course, if given the ability to move sections around means this suggestion is hard to do/takes a lot of coding, you could always just have the back button action on the front page take you to the search link at the top.

This would give both the ability to get to search quickly as well as getting you closer to the top of the page/section with one down press.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve come out of the app due to this issue! :slight_smile: