Have a Show/Video course with ep. but no Seasons

I have several video courses and some shows that don’t have ‘seasons’. Just one show/course with a number of episodes.
So far I have to use /Season 1/S01Exx to at least get the name of the course at the top level, but then I have a ‘Season 1’ with all the episodes?

It would be nice to have some way to make multi-episode programs without seasons.

Something like using S00Exx that now puts “Special” as the name of the folder and then have a folder.txt containing the displayed name overriding “Special”.
Or just support filenames like EXX to have a program with episodes and no seasons?

Not at this time but I’ll move this to suggestions. :wink:

Thank you!

I know that you probably don’t like to mess with the filename parsing so I gave it another thought: why not just let us put all episodes in a folder names “no seasons” and treat it like that… :smiley: