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Just downloaded and installed and very happy but can't seem to find a way to add or remove sites from top sites. Is this possible and if so how?




 How can you delete or set a weather location it is set by numbers what do they mean.


Hi Max

My trouble is very simple, since I installed MiRow, FrontRow doesn't start anymore:

Can you please help me ?




You can adjust which sites appear in the main Top Sites screen through the Bookmarks --> Manage Top Sites menu.

You can also change how many Top Sites are displayed.  This option can be adjusted in the Settings menu. Small = 24, Med = 12, Large = 6.

You can edit (or delete) the default locations by highlighting the location and pressing the right arrow (>>) button.

More info here: support.firecore.com/entries/301818-weather

Are you selecting the Front Row application to open it or pressing Menu on the remote?

You may try restarting your computer to see if that cures the issue.

I have added a city to the weather page, but when i attempt to highlight it, it closes Front Row. I can't  right arrow and edit it because as soon as I highlight it, it crashes. Is there another way to remove a location? 

 Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not quite sure of the steps to install MiRow onto my AppleTV.  Could someone give me some guidance?  I have Cyberduck and have downloaded the mirow.dmg but not sure what I'm supposed to do from here.  Thanks.

To start MiRow, what do you do? It doesn't seem to be an application that is loaded in the usual place.

Addition info: The trouble started when I spelled out Niagra Falls NY instead of using the zip code in the location field. My bad.

 Just open Front Row, You'll see new menu options that were not there before.  Thats what Mirow does.

Searching by city names it not currently supported, but should be added in an upcoming version.

To clear out the saved data you can remove the 'Weather.plist' file that is located in ~username/Library/Application Support/Weather

MiRow is actually designed for the Front Row application on a Mac, and is not currently supported on AppleTV. Sorry :(

 Installed MiRow and now FrontRow doesn't start. Got people coming over for a movie evening so need to get Frontrow back. If I can't, how do I uninstall MiRow.

Do you happen to have any other Front Row plugins installed (specifically DVDPedia)?

 Yes, DVDPedia

 Thanks guys for your help !

Everything works fine now !!



Purchased and downloaded MiRow via MacUpdate Promo.
Imac i5 - 4 GB Ram
- MKV playback is jerky (1080p and 720p).
- Where can I toggle subtitles?
- Last.fm doesn't work in Italy. Why? What can I do?
- Problems with "download", search new files, etc in midrow. Do nothing...
What can I do?

 How can I uninstall it?

I`ve tried it and I don`t like it but now I can`t delete it?

Please help me!