Has FireCore come to the end of the line?

Well, it was a nice run for about 1.5 years on the ATV2 scene.  Since March 19th of this year (2013), the ‘run’ has gone off the rails and now there is nothing really on the horizon except a volume of empty promises and a myriad of frustrated messages attempting TETHERED breaks.   For those of us ‘accustomed’ to the regular, untethered JB options, that ship has apparently sailed into the sunset.  A tethered 4.4.2 option for a 5.2.1 FW work-around is a sad replacement for what we have grown to appreciate from the FireCore aTV Flash and Seas0npass programs.  And NOW, 5.3 is upon us:  RIP, fond memories of true JB options. 

Indeed. I have really enjoyed having ATVFlash, but think I jumped aboard the lifetime licence too quick. The update I received after that didnt work with Plex which is really one of the things I wanted it for. Oh well, so it goes.

Whats the best restorable version which works with plex. I have some saved SHSH blobs in TinyUmbrella and I think I will probably attempt a downgrade at some point.

I’m just not into Infuse, which requires that you keep the media on your device… I have plex to eliminate that, and when out and about, am not watching videos.

I keep checking the site hoping for some good news but leave disappointed each time.  I’ve come to terms that ATV3 will not be jailbroken.  A fact made easier by having an ATV2 with the latest firmware and Firecore meeting most of my needs.  However, it appears ATV2 has reached it’s end of life as there is so little activity on it.  I’m hoping the silence is due to integrating INFUSE and once that is done, frequent releases will return…but I won’t hold my breath. 

The search for my next media player starts now.  Perhaps XBOX One?