Has anyone got a drive mounted successfully using SMB?

The setup:

mac Mini running snow leopard. ATV first gen running ATV Flash, latest. Setup a SMB network to the movies folder on the mini, with all the right settings on the Mini (I know this as Goodplayer on my iPad and phone connect using SMB fine), all the correct settings on the ATV, but it refuses to mount the Movies folder.

I’ve had a succession of error messages, ranging from can’t find volume to volume busy, plus other much longer incomprehensible ones, but never got the volume to mount. I’ve deleted the mount.plush. Still no joy.

Reading around this forum and others it seems lots have the same issue. firecore, is there a one time fix for this? Getting very frustrated at the mo!

Why is it, that even after days trying to get it to work, that immediately after you post, it works?

In truth, it most Likely always was working, but the user interface is not very clear!

What I mean is, it seems the volume was mounted, only, I didn’t realise, as nothing told me it was mounted. It was only after reading another thread, that it was suggested I check in the “files” menu to see if the drive was mounted, and it was, I just didn’t know it. I didn’t realise the mounted drive would appear here, and the error message telling me the volume was busy didn’t mention that it was busy being already mounted!

Anyway, hope this helps others. Fire core, sort your bloody error messages out!