Has Anyone Figured Out iOS Library Filter Favorites Images?

Coming from this User Guide page: Metadata 101 – Firecore - I went to the link shown in the attached image, which is Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore - and there is not a single mention of how to set up artwork for Library Filter Favorites.

I don’t understand, because as can be seen from the screenshot, that’s exactly what the text says I’m being linked to…

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Artwork for library favorites on iOS is not currently available, but we will be reworking how favorites are handled on iOS in an upcoming version.

Gotcha. It was in the non device-specific section of the Metadata 101 page, right above the section on iOS Manual Corrections. Since it wasn’t marked as device specific, I figured that it was functional in that way. I’ll be on the lookout down the road. Thanks for responding.