Has anyone a solution?

Hi guys, I‘m struggling… First the setup: AirPort Extreme with an external HDD (4TB) and of course Infuse 6 Pro. There are 180 Movies on the external HDD, but infuse can only play 148, for the rest there is a issue. When I‘m navigate with my Macbook about the share option (on the MacBook) the Macbook and the VLC player say the movie is 0:00 minutes long. But when I‘m add the movie over the air again, this movie works but another one not and infuse still only can play 148 and not more. Is this a Problem with the external HDD? With the AirPort? Has anyone else this issue? Thank you! :relieved:

Are the files that won’t play by any chance over 4GB in size?

If you can see the movies on your Macbook with VLC and VLC shows 0:00 duration there’s a good chance those may be corrupted in some way. (make sure you have the latest VLC too)

What do you mean by this? What issue?

Edit to add: How are you connected to the drive? SMB, DLNA, etc?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, most of them are 10-25 GB, because they’re copys from MKV. Maybe they‘re corrupted, but when I‘m add a new one, another one is corrupted too and the other one works again.
The issue that the movies failed to load.
The connection is SMB.

Do you get an error message, do you get a spinning wheel that never stops, or do you get a blank screen? What are you seeing when this happens.

I’m just curious, how did you determine that Infuse would play 148 movies out of the 180? Was this something you found after a long period of watching over days or months or during a single session did you just start each movie to see if it would load and then go on to the next? I’m trying to figure out the significance of the 148 number.

When testing with VLC, if you don’t do anything with Infuse, can you play all of the movies on vlc or perhaps drag all of them at once to VLC and look at the playlist window and see of all show a duration time?

Just verifying, did you check the version of VLC also?