Has anybody else had enough ????

I feel like ive been misled on this whole AppleTV Flashing thing.
If you just come here and buy it not once does it say about jailbreaking until after you have paid !
I cannot do an easy jailbreak so we're told to wait, then SeasOnPass comes out which will still perform a tethered jailbreak (which it does fine) but then ATV Flash doesn't work with it !
I know it a beta but we are getting misled as to how far along this beta actually is !
I  just wanna get my AppleTV Jailbroke, Get ATVFlash installed and then wait for the day I can watch avi's and mkv's aswell as other cool stuff !
Please come on and get us a workable solution in your support pages instead of the ones that are there which everybody seems to have issues with !!! I hope this is taken as constructive criticism and not a rant.



Continue to get Error 1600 upon jailbreak!


I get the same 1600 error too

Error 1600, 8, 9....

I now have a nice Apple brick. The Seas0nPass was working fine but when the actual restore started in iTunes the bar went up 2 or 3 blips then crashed out, now I can't resotre the original or customw IPSW. I am using a Macbook with bootcamp so restarted into Windows and tried again with the same results. It all appears to work but the restore crashes out. If I could at least go back to factory restore that would be a start. I also tried 0.6.5 same problems.

Any ideas?

What happens when you do a restore using iTunes? Does that not reset back to factory settings?


Yes...I feel like I was missled as does everyone else on this forum. I don't think we will ever see refunds though.


Yes...I feel like I was missled as does everyone else on this forum. I don't think we will ever see refunds though.


You should learn to not speak for others. I do not feel misled. I found this site, read what they were offering, read that it requires a pre jailbroke atv. I then purchased it, jailbroke my atv, and have been enjoying it since the day i purchased the beta software. If i want to watch videos, i run the plex app and they play fine. Heck its the only way i can watch netflix through a VPN though the ATV, works great.

I dont understand what all the bitching going on is about. Did you not understand what a beta is, do you not understand about jailbreaking? If your unfamiliar with either then wtf are you doing buying beta software in the jailbreak scene? 

hey I was wondering this too. Better to restore with iTunes or with Tiny Umbrella.

Nope, I am quite content to view the progress. It's all very exciting. Obviously the jailbreaking part is the key to modifying anything. If I could only find the right cable ( the one I ordered will take a week or more). There seem to be microusb charging cables, microusb data cables, microusb data and charging cables, microusb adapters, etc... It's very confusing.




If you try to go for a genuine Blackberry cable - these are good & work - eBay is a good source (make sure you use the word "genuine" in your search criteria