harmony remote control


I am using a Harmony Link remote control, and all buttons (pause, play, ffw, skip etc) work perfectly on the ATV2 (iTunes, Netflix, XBMC etc). But for some reason Media Player only recognizes the nagivation buttons and the Menu button.

Hope you can look into this.




Same thing here. Regular apple remote works fine, but I can’t FF, rewind, or pause with harmony.

I use the Harmony One and use the navigation buttons (left or right respectively) to rewind or fast forward just fine.  The FF and rewind buttons on the harmony do not work.

Just wanted to add a +1 to this.

Original ATV Silver Remote Play/Pause button works fine on the Flash Media Player playing some standard .mp4 media streamed from an SMB share.  However, my Harmony One remote’s Play/Pause button do not work.  But, of couse, when playing from the standard iTunes player in ATV, Harmony’s play/pause work just fine (so much so, that the “play” button only “plays” the movie, and the “pause” button only “pauses” it.  Neither one will perform the function of the other, even though on the Original Silver remote, the functions are on the same button).

Same issue here with my Harmony 700. All buttons work in standard ATV2 modes, but not in Media Player.

Same here, I reported this problem about three months ago and no luck.

I submitted a bug report this morning.  We will see…

I’m having the same issue here. The directional buttons work fine, but the good and old play/ pause and adjacent ones won’t work properly.

Because I am able to live with issue, I didn’t care to check if the apple remote is working fine, but I assume only the rounded button is working correctly.

Besides this small issue, I’m quite satisfied with the software. Everything works really nice and the integration is perfect. Keep up the good work, fire core team!


Ok, here’s how I fixed this on my Harmony 620.

  1. I had the Harmony learn the play/pause button. The code in Logitech’s database is incorrect.
  2. I mapped the play and pause buttons on the Harmony to this new play/pause code from the above step
  3. I mapped the fast forward button on the Harmony to direction right in the Logitech database
  4. I mapped the rewind button on the Harmony to direction left in the Logitech database

Now everything works (except the 30 second skip ahead and the 10 second skip back in media player) just like the Apple remote in and out of media player and the buttons on the Harmony correspond with the correct functions.

Same issue here - +1 for finding this on my first Google search :slight_smile:


I’ve got an older Harmony 525…  The instructions above don’t make a lot of sense to me as I’m not sure if my Harmony can actually learn stuff.  I think I’m restricted to what’s in Logitech’s database.

As far as I know ALL Harmony models support learning commands.


And of course you’re right - a bit of a root around in my cupboard and I found the manual, viola.  Commands learned, problem fixed.

Yeah, keep menu as menu. The code in Logitech’s database already works.


I can confirm this works with a Harmony 525 as well - sweet as a sweet thing.  Only thing that’s not working is the “stop” button.  I’m wondering about mapping that to “menu” - thoughts on that?


EDIT: I spoke too soon - the play/pause works fine, but FF/Rew do not.  Oddly, they work fine on the directional pad.  Mapping “stop” to menu has no effect (although it works fine outside of FireCore/aTV).  I suspect something arcane’s going on, probably at the Logitech end, but for now having a functional play/pause and the existing menu button is sufficient.

I have attached a screenshot of my Harmony settings for my ATV2.  The only command I had the Harmony learn was the Play/Pause, the rest are stock Logitech Harmony commands.  All buttons and commands work perfect in and out of MediaPlayer.  Also, I did not do any configuring of 3rd Party remotes on the ATV2 (Settings>General>Remotes) everything was done using only the Harmony website/software.

The configuration website for Logitech Harmony can be found HERE


Looks pretty similar to what I’ve got going on - nice.  Does your “stop” button work inside the FireCore media player?  That’s the only thing that’s not really working right for me (I’m having to use the “menu” button to stop).

There is no stop button on the original ATV2 remote. Menu is used for stop or to back out of menus. So I don’t have the stop button configured on my Harmony. You could map menu to the stop button on the Harmony and it would work.


Aye, there’s no stop button - using the “menu” button is a bit painful for non-tech folk in the house though.  The “stop” button works a treat outside of the FireCore app (i.e., default Apple TV interface) with some command Logitech calls “stop.”  I noted above that when I re-map this to “menu” it stops working entirely, which is most likely a Logitech bug of some kind.  Fast Forward and Rewind also do not work right (the direction buttons work a treat though).  I suspect that maybe my remote doesn’t like the same command on multiple keys…?


For now it’s workable enough, I just have to have an internal home education programme going on where I tell people that play/pause work as they’d expect, but that they need to use menu and direction buttons for other functions.  It’s fine - working so far - and 20000000% better than the PS3 and TVersity.

Has anyone had any luck programming a 30 second skip?  I was planning on configuring a couple of buttons to the following:

  • <FF><FF><FF><PLAY>  (skip forward ~30 seconds)
  • <RW><RW><PLAY>  (skip backwards ~15 seconds)

I did this for my old WDTV Live and the actions seem to work manually for the ATV,  Anyone else have a better mechanism?


I have been able to get this working by creating a macro (Logitech calls it a sequence). However, it does not work in Media Player, but it does work great with Netflix.