Hardware Decoding vs Software Decoding

These questions applies to the latest versions of Infuse Pro 5.xx for tvOS & iOS…

  1. Am I correct in understanding that Infuse Pro is able to access the iPad/iPhone’s hardware to perform H/W Decoding for most H.264 files?

  2. Is Infuse Pro also able to do this H/W Decoding with the Apple TV 4?

  3. Does this H/W decoding mean that it is using minimal CPU, compared to if it had to use S/W decoding?

  4. Does Infuse Pro ever use S/W Decoding for certain formats, like HEVC/H.265?

  5. Is there a reason why a 1080p HEVC video plays well on my iPad Air 2, but stutters / gets out of sync with my Apple TV 4…? Even though
    they both have an A8/8x Processor, both have 2GB RAM, and are both connecting wirelessly to a 802.11ac network.

If there is any documentation available for Infuse’s system requirements / tech specs, please share…

Infuse supports HW decoding of most any h.264 based videos, on both iOS and (as of Infuse 5.3) tvOS.

Other formats will use SW decoding, though Infuse is finely tuned to play these as efficiently as possible.

Proper support for HEVC (h.265) is still in progress, and we hope to have more news available soon.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Yes!! And thanks for the speedy response, this is very helpful! I’m glad to hear that Infuse 5.3+ on the Apple TV 4 now supports HW decoding. I have a few follow ups…

Does this mean that, as of version 5.3, both tvOS & iOS apps use SW decoding when ‘attempting’ to handle HEVC files?

Also - Was Infuse v2 all SW decoding or did it feature some HW decoding…?
I have Infuse 2.xx installed on my old Apple TV 2nd gen (via aTV Flash Black system), and I am still trying to find out its limits compared to Infuse Pro 3/4/5.

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