Hard Drive disapeared !?

I am using aTV flash 3.6.2. I have some problem using my external hard drive. After few days not using my external hard drive, it’s like if it disapeared ? I don,t have access to it. Last time it happens I had to erase everything on my drive and reformated it and then redownload everything on it. Then it worked. Tonight I tried to access my external HD and it was gone, again !?

Is there a way to umount my HD after using it ? Is there a way to keep my HD available all the time ?

Thanks in advance

When you highlight the hard drive in NitoTV, you can press the left arrow key on the remote and it will let you unmount the drive.

thanks, but now, how can I mount it back, I am not able to have access to it ?

What is the better way to end a watching session on the aTV, to make sure that I won,t have to restore my HD everytime ?