Happy Christmas everyone

A happy Christmas to all those who celebrate it and hope those who don’t have an equally great day.

Just wanna say a huge thanks to @james and his coders. It’s been an epic year with Infuse.

Finally a massive thanks to the moderators who keep us all in check when needed.


And all the best to you also!

This forum is such an enjoyable distraction from the turmoil the world has to offer and having the variety of users makes it great. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. :santa:


Sadly it’s 7am Christmas morning here and I’m just back from work, then after some sleep I’m back at work tonight. My Christmas will start this time tomorrow :joy:

As a side question do non UK based countries call the day after Christmas Day, Boxing Day? Always been curious if that’s just a British thing. Apparently historically (maybe just since Victorian days) “Boxing” day was the day presents were “unboxed” so nothing to do with fisticuffs as family feuds erupted after too many glasses of Port. :laughing:

I join in the congratulations. Everyone who celebrates Christmas today, happy holidays!
Patience and good luck to the firecore developers in all new endeavors :slight_smile:
And for everyone else, more good movies and a good user experience from using infuse.


Merry Christmas everyone! Infuse has been such an awesome app that makes the Apple TV 4K a true pleasure to use. Thanks to all the devs for the hard work as I know you are not the biggest team, but you deliver the biggest results!

Looking forward to what Infuse brings in 2024 and onward :christmas_tree:


Ok, my turn:

Sending greetings of good will and cheer to my fellow enthusiasts and to all the Firecorians who diligently work to keep us all so enthused to utilize your remarkable software.

Best of luck to you all in the new year, for personal successes, much happiness, and joy; and to Firecore — may you fix the most vexxing bugs and add all the features whose absence are my biggest remaining pet peeves … and make other people happy, too — if time permits :slight_smile: … and yourselves, as well, should the fancy strike you. But really, as long as you make me happy in 2024, I sure we’ll all consider that a year well-spent, and immense pride should be your reward.

(Am I doing this right?)