Handling of media

I've love to see the Media Player handle my video files in a similar way to XBMC and deriratives.

By this I mean you define certain folder wherever they are on your network (NAS, PC, Mac etc) as 'Movies', 'TV Shows', 'Music Videos' etc and then they are pulled into a master menu item on the home screen.  So then I can go straight to 'my movies' and they are all listed, without having to drill down through folders to find them manually.

I see that the software already scrapes for metadata, so could this be the next logical step.

(Although, we need the issue of NAS drives showing as empty to be fixed first, otherwise it's a non-mover)

Thanks for the suggestion.

This is something we're hoping to add down the road once the core player and streaming features are a bit more polished.

This would please me greatly also. p.s. love your work.