Handle seasons of the same series from different media libraries problem

I have many media library sources, such as emby+Google drive+onedribve
I have stored the 1080 version (S01&S02) and animated version (S01) of the Three-Body Problem series in emby
I have saved the 4k version of The Three-Body Problem (S01) on Google drive

When I play the 4k version S01E01 of The Three-Body Problem.
The animated version, the 1080p version, and the 4k version of the first episode of the first season appear in the playback indicator at the same time, and they appear alternately. This makes it impossible to continue watching the next episode.

Animated version (S01E01) 4k version(S01E01), 1080p version (S01E01) Animated version (S01E02) 4k version(S01E02), 1080p version (S01E02) …

I think when there are multiple sources for the same episode and same season, only the source of the first playback should be shown, not all of them. In my example, the playback indicator should only show the 4k version of Season 1, and the 1080 version of Season 2

Is the “animated version” a different show, or are all your episodes animated?

If they are two different shows, you need to sort that out first.

Great damn novels. Dark Forest theory haunts me to this day. Very much looking forward to the big-budget Netflix production.

Let me know if this / these version(s) are worth a watch!

The animated version is the Three-Body Dark Forest animated version, but the production and adaptation are very bad. It is not recommended to watch the animated version.

Netflix’s version is speculated to be a very big adaptation and has not been released yet

If you want the novel version of The Three-Body Problem, it is highly recommended to watch the Tencent version of The Three-Body Problem Season 1. You can watch it on Amazon. Tencent is currently producing the second season, which is Dark Forest.

The animated version and the live-action version are different TV series, but they are merged together, so it bothers me very much.