Handbrake vs Mac the Ripper?

I have Handbrake & am able to rip DVDs. I’ve never tried Mac the Ripper but see mentions of it up here.

What do people recommend for ripping DVDs for the best quality and playback? What are the upsides/downsides of Handbrake vs Mac The Ripper? [Obviously, I have ATV Flash.]

Both are good options, but your needs will determine which you select. Here are a few pros/cons for each.

Mac the Ripper
No quality loss
Can utilize menus, and extra features
Relatively quick ‘rip’ time

Large file size

Smaller file size
Can be imported into iTunes

Relatively long ‘rip’ time
Quality slightly lower than VIDEO TS
No special features/menus


MacTheRipper and Handbrake are two softwares that complete each other. They do not compete…
With MacTheRipper, you can extract the content of a DVD to your hard drive removing all the protections and encryptions. If you plan to use your AppleTV with the aTVFlash to see DVD with menus and everything, this software is a must have. However, development for this software seems to have stopped and you may have difficulties to extract the content of recent DVD and it doesn’t handle CSS encrypted DVD’s, which is a common protection on Sony DVD’s. A good replacement for MacTheRipper seems to be RitIp (see http://www.ripitapp.com).
With Handbrake you can encode the content you just extracted to your hard drive to be able to play it natively on your Apple TV. H264 encoding is slow and you must tweak it for hours to get a decent size/quality ratio. MPEG4 encoding gives reaaly good results at 1610kbps (about 700MB/hour) and is astonishingly fast (abou 8 minutes/hour).

Hope this helps.



Here is Comparison: handbrake VS mac the ripper

Maybe it can help you. :smiley:

Just to clarify things.

Mac The Ripper is just what it says it is. It is a software that removes copy protection from dvds. Thats is its main purpose. To get the latests version 3.0 14m it requires paying for it, contrary to popular believe it is not freeware. It is shareware. The free version does not remove ripgaurd, or arcos encryptions.

Handbrake is a software for compressing dvd mpeg2 files (vob files) from dvds into h.264 very high quality video and also does 2 pass h.264 encoding as well. High definition in my case as I use Handbrake all the time. It also passes thru ac3 and rencodes audio into dolby prologic II or stereo. It does have some limited and I mean very limited ripping capability thru its use of vlc players decrypting, (you must have vlc player installed to have that ability) Handbrake does not decrypt on its own.
Handbrake is open source and a very superior piece of software and it is excellent for novices and advanced users. It is multi processor aware and takes full advantage of them when compressing h.264. I use a quad core mac pro 3.0 ghz and the encodes for 3500 kbps for me run right around 120 frames per second. So for a 2 hour movie it takes about 1 hour and 30 min. So if you have a dual core or a quad the speeds are very quick for high bit rate encoding. Even better for 8 core. Most encodes run the processors on my quad core at about 85 to 90% all four of them.
Handbrake is available here http://handbrake.fr/
Instructions how to get the latest MTR are available here Ripdifferent - Information
P.S. You have to register with the mtr forum to gain access to the ability to get 3.14m. It also does css decryption, and repairs bad sectors along with arcos and rippguard decryption.
I hope this clarifies what they are and what they both do.