Had to pay again

Today i noticed i didn’t had the 4.0.2 update. So i checked the app store. 4.0.2 available but i had to buy this version.

I thought this is a mistake because i already paid for Infuse Pro. So i pushed the buy button and indeed…again paid.

Now i have 2 versions Infuse Pro on my ATV4 homescreen. 1 version mention 4.0.2, the other don’t have a versionnumber so i think this is still 4.0.1

So now i paid TWICE and still a not functional Dolby and DTS passtrough on my receiver.

What went wrong? And how to fix this?

To be honest, i am getting a little sick about this Infuse…no response in the Dolby/DTS topic for a long time…now troubles with paying.

You should check under the "purchased’ tab on the App Store. My suspicion is that the first time you had the free version upgraded to the Pro version via an in-app purchase and the second time around bought the Pro version that does not need the in-app purchase. If that happened then both versions will show up in the Purchased tab. If that has happened then you should be able to request a refund for the one you bought second.

If that is not what happened I have no idea why you would get charged again.

I bought a 2nd AppleTV4, and it’s also telling me I me to buy again. So if I upgraded threw the free version, I have to go that rout and restore purchase? Or is there another way? Also, do I have to buy it separately for my iPhone? Because it says buy from that app store also.


If you purchased Infuse Pro by an in-app purchase you must install it on other devices by restoring the in-app purchase on the other device.

If you purchased Infuse Pro directly (not through an in-app purchase) then you must install that version on your other devices.

One subtle difference between the purchasing methods is that the directly purchased version can be shared with “family sharing” but the in-app version cannot (due restrictions imposed by Apple that means in-app purchases cannot be shared as part of “family sharing”).

Also, do I have to buy it separately for my iPhone? Because it says buy from that app store also.

At the moment the iPhone version in the App Store is 3.6.2 and it does not accept the license for Infuse version 4 that you currently have on your ATV. So, yes, at the moment you would be charged again if you purchased Infuse Pro for your iPhone.

However, FireCore are working on Infuse 4.0 for iOS which hopefully should be available in the near future … And if you wait for that version then your purchase for the ATV will also work on your iPhone.

This is not family sharing, this is using the same AppleID to log in on the 2nd AppleTV4. And where is the restore purchase choice at? I went in to the free version, and all it says is open, nothing about restore purchase.

Any in-app purchase should be automatically restored when you install the free version. Go into the Infuse settings and see if it says you have “Infuse Pro” under your username.

User name? I have never seen a user name in the infuse settings.

I should have said Trakt username which is displayed on the Left hand side of the settings pane (assuming you use Trackt)

Just turned off Trakt to see what is there when not using it … In which case it is an Infuse icon with “Infuse Pro” under it.

Hmm, didn’t see it, but I will check again when I get home. Wish the free version told you to go get the pro version instead of upgrading with all these issues. JMO

From James on iOS forum.
Infuse Pro is available 2 ways - as an In-App purchase from within the free Infuse app, and as a standalone paid app.
Both versions are priced the same, and contain the exact same features, so it doesn’t really matter which you choose. However, since Apple doesn’t currently allow In-App purchases to be shared via Family Sharing, the standalone Infuse Pro app is the only version that can be shared between family members.

If you’ve already purchased the In-App purchase, and wish to share via Family Sharing please open a support ticket (http://support.firecore.com/requests/new) and attach a screenshot of your iTunes purchase receipt. We can then send over a promo code for standalone Pro version which will work with Family Sharing.
I got mine a few days ago.

How would I take a screen shot? especially since the shot needs to be taken of my TV screen? Do I just take a pic of it and attach to the email?

Take a screen shot of the receipt that Apple sent you to confirm your purchase.
It worked for me, it took a few days.

did you do this with your phone or computer? If with computer, how did you take a screen shot??

If using Windows PC, just press the PrintScreen key on your keyboard

On a Mac Command - Shift -3.
Or Print and Save as a pdf.

Did this 4 days ago and still no response from support. James is there anything you can do?


Submitted my receipt to the link provided in this thread, that was sunday I think, and still haven’t gotten a reply.