.h264 Profile Support

OK, quick question.

I know that the ATV 3 now supports decoding of .h264 streams up to High@L4.0 (Which is what iTunes downloads are now being encoded as).


If I buy ATV Flash Black and jailbreak the ATV (once a jailbreak is available for the ATV 3), will this enable me to play streams higher than that? The most common I will use will be High@L4.1 , maybe 5.0 at a push.

These stream will be in an MP4/M4V file.


Thanks Guys


P.S Also, If you have managed to play streams higher than what is supported on the ATV 2, please mention that as well.

High @ L4.1 streams are actually supported on the ATV2 with the current version of aTV Flash (black).  :slight_smile:

The ATV3 will likely support these, and more…