H.266 (VVC) support

Any idea when H.266 support is coming to Infuse?

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This codec is not available in tvOS. And without this, infuse will not have full support. And why do you need H266 today?

Ah I didn’t know it depends on tvOS

Some other players have it

Hardware support for Intel etc. has been announced for this year

H.266 is coming around slowly

Apple doesn’t have support for it and I doubt they will until it’s used by Apple to deliver their content.

The film industry has not yet adopted any new coding standards. And until that happens, it doesn’t make any sense to add support for new codecs. Don’t worry, as soon as the industry adopts the new standard, the codec it has chosen will be immediately added to Apple TV and other media players. Or, as soon as possible. But, for sure, there will be no sense from these codecs until the content with it officially appears. Do you remember how long it took to switch to 4K HDR? Everyone released the H265 codec, but there were 10 films at the start of everything :slight_smile: Well, do not forget that we do not yet know which industry will choose the codec, H266 or AV1, for example.