H.265 Codec Sound with no video on Infuse, works fine in VLC

I’ve re-encoded a massive .mkv video (9Gb), using VSDC Video Editor, into a much smaller (700Mb) H.265 .avi file instead. On my ATV4K, VLC plays the video perfectly from my QNAP NAS over SMB, but in Infuse 6 Pro I only get the sound, but no video. Infuse on iOS has the same problem (again, VLC on iOS works perfectly).

Does anyone know what settings I would need for the H.265 codec to work? My current encoding settings are in the screenshot attached.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Sorry you’re having problems, it may help to run the file through mediainfo and post the results here. That may show what the glitch is. You can get it here http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en

Mediainfo text file attached.

h.265_red2.txt (2.13 KB)

It might be a container issue. What happens if you encode as mkv instead of avi?

MKV would be a much better container to use, but if you are able to upload a sample AVI we’d be happy to take a look.

Thanks James, I am playing around with different settings in my video editor using the MKV container instead. Its not going great at the moment, the best I’ve managed is a really choppy, stuttery video, but I’m still working on it. I’ll report back later today how I got on. If I get it to work, I’ll explain what I did, and if I don’t I’ll come back and upload some sample files for you to look at.

Hi James,

Test file uploaded as requested.

For the test, I started with a 1Gb 1080p H.264 mkv file. When I converted to an H.265 avi, the file size went down to 232Mb. This file plays perfectly in VLC, but not InFuse.

When I tried the H.265 codec in an MKV container with the same settings, I ended up with a 12Gb file, and when I play it the picture is jerky.


Ha, I found a release file that plays sound without video :slight_smile:

dv_sample.txt (11.4 KB)

And this file is not played in the DV format, only HDR (PQ) - why?

dv_0.txt (5.09 KB)

You’re first video might not be playing right because it’s not in mp4 format. It seems to be the only format that the AppleTV supports for DV. Your second video only plays in HDR because the Apple TV does not support dual layer DV.

Thanks a lot!