Guided access not working on iOS 6

I can’t get guided access to work on either iPhone or iPad. My 2 year old daughter use to iPad for watching movies and I need to lock the screen and button. I usually use guided accsess to look the screen but this function doesn’t work in InFuse, when I turn it on the touch screen still works and after a while it makes the iPad to freeze and I have to do a hard reset.

Can you fix this for the next upgrad or maybe add a built in lockscreen function?

Hmm, which version of iOS are you running?

I’ve just tested Guided Access (with Touch and Motion disabled) on an iPhone 5 and iPad 4, running the latest iOS 6.1.4 and 6.1.3 respectively, and everything seems to get disabled as expected.

Is either device jailbroken by chance?

I’m on 6.1.4 on both devices now, upgraded today. None of them with jailbreak. After the update I turned of the guided access and made a hard reset and activated it again, and viola, it works, guess it was the iOS that caused the problem, not the InFuse app. Sorry for the misstake, my bad.

Great! Thanks for following up.

Glad to hear it’s working. :)