GUIDE settings for add on windows PC share folders

Can you please add a clear guide with clarifications to add share files of windows PC to infusion 5 ?
Sharing in windows dir and files has been effected , the relevant PC name appears when asking to add available shares in infusion 5 but all the relevant efforts to connect fail with an error for wrong username and password.
Can you please clarify how to fill correctly the appropriate fields (share name, address, workgroup, username, password) in infusion 5 in relation to PC settings?

Once you have File Sharing enabled on your PC (guide here the share should be detected automatically in Infuse, and the only items you would need to enter are your username and password.

Thanks for the quick reply.
First of all, the problem was due to continuous changes in disconnecting and connecting wifi to check whether it is a network connectivity issue. It was absoluterly necessary to restart the router and then the shares have been detected in the next check in infuse.
I did then completed the relevant fields of username (a forgotten microsoft email that I never used or retyped after setup of windows) and windows startup password.
The next issue was using the “long pressing” of the item in shared folder to be added to the library. That was the end of the story.
The next step was from infuse regarding placing the addition of movies and tv series to the library full of metadata information and pics.
Great job, I was surprised by the excellent job of infuse presentation. Only if you compare the infuse presentation of movies and tv series with the one of plex , you appreciate infuse power.
By the way, why don’t you set up some pics (like a film or a tv icon) to set up the picture of dirs like movies, tv series etc. It could be great to have some pics available to adjust to relevant dirs or even background sound. But that I guess is easy for users familiar to simple pc actions.
How about infuse entering in the online subscription of tv / web channels broadcasting of films , series, concerts ?
Any plans for mirroring of PC desktop ?