GUI Improvments for iOS


I’m running Infuse Pro 5.5.5 on an iPad Pro 10.5 with iOS 11.

There are some points that should be changed on the movie details screen. I have attached a sample.
The green frame contains the german age rating. It is placed in front of the movie fanart picture and covers a lot of this picture.
If it must be in front of the fanart, why top right, and why such a big font? The top ares of the fanart pictures mostly contains artist faces, which are covered by this information.
I see two possibilities here. Move the Age rating to the lower right or left corner of the fanart and give it a much smaller font.
Or, what I would prefer very much, place it below the Cast List, completely outside the fanart picture.

The cast list an other movie details are the second part of my improvement suggestion.
The blue frame in my sample is the Cast List, and it is cut off, because the space / frame where it is placed is not big enough.
But I found no possibility to get the whole information. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a additional “Details” Button, where all scraped movie Information is displayed in a scroll-able list?