Grouping movie by type

I apologise if this has already been discussed.
I am new to Infuse. I always used Kodi.
I have got 2 nas each fitted with several hard disks.
I am used to group my movies by file type, e.g. Mkv 2k, Mkv 4k, mp4 DV, etc.
Every hard disk in my nas is filled with a file type. For instance I have 4 hard disks full of mkv 2k.
In kodi I can group the four mkv 2k hard disks under one category (mkv 2k) adding the four hard disk one by one. In the end I come up with a category Mkv 2k and I found inside the folder the contents of all four hard disks.
I try to do the same in infuse unsuccessfully.
So I have 4 icons named mkv 2k, one for each hard disk. And this is not confortable.
Is there a way to group the movies as Kodi does?
Thanks for help

Sorry, currently Infuse doesn’t have the capability to group files based on file type.

Are these files TV Shows and Commercial movies? Do you have multiple copies of the same show or movie in different resolutions? Just trying to understand what you need to work for you.

These files are my almost 2000 film library backups. Prefer to stream them than change disk in my 4k DV bluray player. I also have some TV series (you call it Shows?) as Game of Thrones and many others. Also many music videos and documentaries.

Have you tried adding all of the disks and using the Infuse Library to organize your videos? It will gather the metadata and sort it out in Movies (Films) TV shows, and others. If you don’t have to have the file type due to multiple copies of the same film or TV show you don’t really need to know that for Infuse.

I have tried but the results are unsatisfactory. Hope infuse will allow in the future to group the files as Kodi allows.

Another option would be to use the Library to browse by resolution.

This would easily allow you to separate 4K from 1080p and SD.

Yes and I have already tried it. My problem is that if for instance I select resolution HD, all my films in HD, all my documentaries in HD, all my music videos in HD etc, are grouped together and they are more than 1000 title. Quite uneasy to browse.
Thanks James for your excellent app. Hope sometime it will also support HDR 10+

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