Grouped movie collections not available in infuse direct mode

I’ve now created several collections containing grouped movies in plex but only these collections arent available to add to home screen in plex settings and as such neither of them are available to choose from in infuse when infuse is ran in direct mode. And for some reason its only the collections that are grouped movies (like lord of the rings, jurassic park etc…).

Neither of these collections are created by plex, that function is disabled in plex and all these I’ve made manually.

How come only collections ive made that containes the same movie series (die hard 1, die hard 2, die hard 3… etc) arent available in infuse when everything else is?

You can add a custom collection to the Plex Home Screen by using the ‘Visible on’ option found under the collection’s settings in Plex.

Once this is done, it will appear as an option in Infuse in the Edit Home Screen page (tap list icon in the top right corner of the home screen).

Note: I believe Plex may require a Plex Pass to access the ability to pin certain collections.

ok, weird that they arent showing up in the library settings in plex. but thanks for the information!