Group Movies (Trilogy) in Library

Looking for a way to group a movie trilogy together. An example would be Star Wars - currently it has Empire Strikes Back alphabetized with the “E’s” and the other two movies in the trilogy grouped with the letter “S”.

I understand that collections will do this but I was looking for a way to have this handled in just the general library view.

Are you wanting to have a collection available on the home screen? Is that what you’re after? You could always create a playlist of what ever you want in a collection.

I’m not looking to make a playlist, just wanted a little more organization on the main library page. All movies are alphabetized but some of my trilogies are spread out all over the place. It would be nice if I could group just these together.

All Harry Potter movies for example are generally together but out of order - I’d like to put them in chronological order. I understand that collections does this but I want all movies visible, I don’t want all of my movies consolidated into a collection .

Have you looked at the difference the “Collections” setting in the Infuse settings can do for you?

I have looked at Collections but it isn’t quite what I’m looking to accomplish.

I was looking to “move” the titles around and put them in a custom order similar to what’s allowed in PLAYLISTS. I’m looking to have all movies displayed and not need to drill down another level (Collections) to see what’s inside.

I wasn’t sure if I was just missing something somewhere that would allow me to organize the movies in my collection like it allows you to do in the Playlists.

Well, I’m not sure but you may be able to create a playlist of all of your movies and move them around like you want. I don’t know how many movies you have but that may be one way. Then you could just add that playlist to your home screen and I think you’d have what you want.

Unless you are using Plex, collections are preset from what is set in TMDb and there is currently no way to edit them. Playlists is probably your best bet at the moment.

Also recommend Plex. With Plex you can have Sorttitle to sort your Movies while still having the Movietitle being displayed.

I find that will a lot of the collection movies just simply adding a number for the movie puts them into order, and still manages to scrape the metadata with no issues. So in your case you can try the following and this works (and this is without having Collections to drill into like you requested). You then just need to ensure you have the Infuse Sort Order set to Filename.


Also, another neat trick is to add dots in between the end of the movie name and before the release year - in cases that tMDB is fussy about the filename having a number in the movie name. Example below:…1997

Some movie names on tMDB do not like numbers at all in the title, it gets a little crazy at this point I agree - but it works!


The caveat is that means with every new movie release in the collection you need to add an extra dot to the movies to keep them in order! :slight_smile:

Try that, hopefully it’s what you’re after. It’s only minor housekeeping, but you only need to do it once and it does the trick.

I think I’ll try the numbering, if it works that will be exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you for the suggestion.

If it doesn’t work, I’ll create a Playlist and use it as my movie library and sort as I need. Once it’s sorted I should only have to move the new movies I add to keep everything organized.