Group genres from different languages

I’d like to make a sugestion.

Infuse should group autpmaticaly the movie genres regardless the language of the metadata scrap. I’ve attached an example of what happens to me. As you can see, i have the same category organized as if they were 3 different genres, because the metadata is in diffetent langueges. I’ve all ready tried to solve this silly error changung to diffetent languages configuratios without succes.

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Are you streaming from Plex by chance? In some cases, Plex may add different genres based on a variety of factors and these are treated as unique genres in Infuse.

To avoid this, you can adjust the genres you see in Plex so that all your comedy videos have only a single genre tag.

Hi James,

Thank you for your response. I don´t have PLEX. Just an ATV4 and wireless HD connected to airport.

I´ve also all ready tried deleting all metadata, and scrap from zero in english or spanish. Same result.

Hmm, can you provide a few examples of the movies titles you are seeing in each genre?

My ATV is at home… but i remember that “Jodorowsky’s Dune” is classified as “Documental” (in spanish) and the others are classified as “Documentary” for example.

other example (from the image attached above), i can see that the movie “Sandlot” is classified as “Comedia”, but “Sandlot 2” is classified as “Comedy”

and another movie that i don’t remember the name of it, as “comedía” (with an illogical accent). It seem like the person who tag it, made it with a gramatical error.

Thanks for the info.

We’re going to look into this.

but the app recognize it as a different genre.

Thank you James.

My suggestion is that we could merge some genres. Or that the app, merge them automatically regaderless the language.

Great job with this app. I like it very much!

Hi, any mews about this?

hi there, I’m also interested on the topic.
if you cannot solve anyway give us the opportunity to remove such feature that today it’s useless for me

If you noticed, there is a “Pending” icon by this topic in the list of threads so it’s in the works for now.

sorry, I’ve not noticed at first glance.
if you need support such use conditions that brought the issue please do not hesitate

I’m sure it always helps if you can provide details on where you’re seeing duplicates as to what language and what genre you are seeing this happen in.

ok with pleasure.
my server is based on the Plex one. these are my movie genres:
Science Fiction/Science-fiction

my issue is that if select one with “French genre” on the info on the Plex server I cannot find the French label.
I also find for instance in fantastique pirates de caribean and no label or tag have been found on the Plex info

for the time being I’m fixing movie by movie going and updating metadata

please let me know if I can support you more

If you are using Plex, the best solution is to fix it on the Plex server.

First of all make sure you use the right Agents for metadata, like The Movie Database and the TVDB, excluding any local metadata source. Chose the ones that give you the best results.

Then delete all local metadata (you can do it in one go for all the movies you select) and finally rescan to download again the metadata from the online sources you choose.

My native language is dutch, and had Infuse set to it from the start. Now I’ve switched to English to get English titles because it’s kinda annoying to have some titles in their original language and some in translated title. For example: some Godzilla movies were in Japanese symbols and others in roman symbols.
But now I noticed that the genres are mixed between English and Dutch. So I have double the amount of genres, some action movies are in ‘action’ and some in the dutch translation ‘actie’. No matter what language setting I use.
Will this clear up once the metadata is processed?
It would be great to be able to choose what parts of the data you’d like in what language. I prefer the synopsis in Dutch but English movie titles.

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We’re looking into a few cases like this.

Are you seeing the same videos in both genres, or does each have a different set of videos?