Groovy development? (and how to get it working again)

Has Groovy development (grooveshark client for atv2) been abandoned?

It's still available if u search for packages under nitotv. After installing though, as it hasn't been updated, it's needed to ssh and create a symbolic link for the groovy.frappliance under (the Lowtide to AppleTV change has taken place since 4.1.1 firmware I guess); btw nitotv and maintenance are located under with their symbolic links into

After installing the package from nitotv and creating a symbolic link through ssh on terminal (ln -s command) Groovy shows up and works! Ok it's buggy, but anyway a great option down here where is not a practicable choice.

If anyone's interested install the package then ssh into terminal and:


cd /private/var/stash/Applications/

ln -s /private/var/stash/Applications/


killall AppleTV


If I'm not mistaken, that's it.