Grid view questions

I just switched from Infuse 6 to 7 and noticed a few issues with the grid view:

  1. When a folder contains 2 videos of the same movie (e.g. Ants.480p.mkv & Ants.1080p.mkv) the folder name (only 1st line) is used instead of the movie title (1st line) and year (2nd line).
    => Is there a way to show the movie title and year below it (at least when both files are from the same movie) similarly to folders with only one video file?

Also this folder is sorted ahead of all the folders that only contain only one video file.
=> Is there a way to keep the integrity of the sort order (instead of basically having two lists: first all the folder names with several video files and then the ones with only one file)?

  1. I read here (Metadata 101 – Firecore Support) that it’s possible to tag different movie versions. Can someone please give me an example file name for both “Director’s Cut” and “Theatrical Cut”? What’s the effect to the grid view? Will I see two entries instead of one?

For both questions: maybe some of my settings need to be adjusted to achieve the desired results, so please tell me what should I use for these items:

  • Show Filenames - Display full filenames instead of titles
  • Show Poster Titles - Display video titles below posters in grid view
  • Metadata Fetching - Allow metadata and artwork to be fetched from TMDB
  • Embedded Metadata - Allow Infuse to read metadata/artwork embedded inside your files

I am especially confused about the last two. Aren’t they mutually exclusive? What happens if I switch both to ON?

Thanks for any help!

If you’re browsing directly via folders, items with multiple videos inside will appear with the folder name. If the folder has a single item, then Infuse will ‘flatten’ the folder and use the movie’s name instead.

Another option would be to browse via the Library, as this will allow you to see a single item for both versions, with the option to switch between them once you navigate inside.

In your case, without changing anything Infuse would show tags of ‘480p’ and ‘1080p’ for these versions. You can also add tags to show additional detail for each version. Infuse includes a number of included tags which are automatically pulled out from the filenames (EG Directors Cut, Extended Cut, Special Edition, etc…) and you can also add custom tags to display anything you like by adding an ‘edition’ tag in curly brackets to your filenames.

Get Out (2017) {edition-Regular Ending}.mp4
Get Out (2017) {edition-Alternate Ending}.mp4

Whether you choose to include custom tags or not, having multiple copies of the same movie will appear like this on the details page when using the Library.

Lastly, unless you have specific needs, the default settings are usually best for most cases.

  • Show Filenames - OFF
  • Show Poster Titles - ON
  • Metadata Fetching - ON
  • Embedded Metadata - OFF